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We are as passionate about coffee as you are!

We are Custom Roasts by Alex, your finest specialty coffee roasters. We are dedicated to bringing our customers freshly roasted coffee to give them the taste and freshness they have never experienced before. For us, coffee means more than just caffeine. For us, Coffee is Life!

Unrivaled Freshness. Fair Pricing. Modern Convenience.

Impeccable freshness of the coffee beans and the right techniques while roasting coffee bring out the unique flavor coffee has to offer. Our experts roast the finest quality of specialty coffee which is immediately packed to seal the freshness, and then shipped to customers within 24 hours of roast. Thus, our fresh roasted coffee reaches our customers ready to deliver the taste and freshness they have never experienced before.

Roasting Coffee is an Art!

For Custom Roasts, roasting coffee is an art. As a coffee lover, you should never be faced with the difficult decision of choosing between the overpriced brews and the stale grocery store coffee. With our roast-to-order specialty coffee, you can now get premium quality roasted coffee at your doorstep at affordable rates. All you need is to place an order and tell us the kind of roasts you want for your coffee and we will roast the beans to your taste.

Our roasting expertise brings you the best coffee to kick-start your day.

Freshness Guaranteed

We understand your love for coffee. We also know that no matter how expensive the coffee may be, it is not going to taste as good when it gets old. Thus, we make sure you get fresh roasted coffee for which we roast coffee in small batches all day long and send you the best coffee roasts with guaranteed freshness.

Delivered at Your Doorstep

We offer a convenient way of shopping for your coffee. With a simple to use online ordering system, we make sure the orders you place with us reach straight at your doorstep from our roasters with all the taste and freshness intact. We deliver coffee within 24 hours of its roast. Thus, you can be sure of the freshness and taste every single time.

We offer the highest quality coffee!

Shop for the finest quality specialty coffee with Custom Roasts.

Our small family owned company ensures you get the best experience with your fresh roasted coffee every time you order from us. Our team puts in their love when roasting your coffee, offering you the finest taste from the finest specialty coffee beans. We are your go-to specialty coffee roaster, and will keep you coming back for more through our dedicated services. .

Offering free shipping with orders worth more than $49!

Order your fresh roasted coffee from Custom Roasts by Alex and bring joy to your day. Shop now and indulge in the goodness of the finest specialty coffee roasted to perfection.

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