About Us

Specialty Coffee Roasters bringing Goodness to Your Life!

Who We Are

Custom Roasts by Alex is a small family owned and operated company with an aim to provide our customers the finest roasted coffee they will ever find. Our small team roasts coffee to perfection, as per the specific taste and preference of our clients, offering them an experience they will never forget. We are dedicated to bringing our clients the goodness they expect from freshly roasted coffee by giving in all our expertise and devotion to it.

What Makes Us Different

If you are investing your time and effort in getting the best coffee, it is important that you get nothing less than the finest and freshly roasted coffee. We, at Custom Roasts by Alex, aim to bring our customers freshly roasted coffee at their doorsteps. There is no need to use the old coffee from the grocery stores or spend a lot of money getting a single cup of coffee from a fancy boutique brewery. We offer finest specialty coffee, freshly roasted and delivered within 24 hours, ensuring our customers have the best experience every single time.

We Offer a Mix of Variety, Affordability and Efficiency

With our expert roasters working on high quality coffee beans, we offer you the best caffeine experience every single time. Our customers love us for offering not only the finest roasted coffee, but also affordable rates and quick delivery that keeps the freshness and taste of the coffee beans intact. Each of our coffee bag is packed and filled with exceptional quality coffee, roasted as per your preference, along with some love from Custom Roasts.

Passion and Expertise – Blended to Perfection

At Custom Roasts by Alex, we have a passion for the art of coffee roasting. For us, there is much more to coffee roasting than just the dimensions of dark and light. We control each aspect of coffee roasting to give you the most impeccable and fresh roasted coffee with a unique taste. Your caffeine buds will be thankful to you if you choose our roasted coffee, because we offer the best taste through our specialty coffee roasters. We are sure you will keep coming back for more once you taste the perfection that is Custom Roasts coffee.

We hope you enjoy your coffee as much as we enjoyed roasting it to perfection for you!

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