Peru San Ignacio Coopafsi


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Notes of toffee, orange and red apple.

12 oz bag

Embark on a sensory adventure with our Peru San Ignacio Fresh Roasted Coffee – a testament to the rich terroir of the San Ignacio region. Grown at high altitudes amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes, these Arabica beans flourish in the optimal conditions of fertile soils and abundant sunshine.

Sourced directly from the passionate coffee farmers of Peru, our San Ignacio beans are meticulously handpicked to ensure only the finest cherries make their way into your cup. The result is a coffee that captivates with its well-balanced flavor profile, marked by notes of bright citrus, delicate floral undertones, and a subtle hint of cocoa.

Our commitment to freshness is unwavering. Upon receiving your order, we initiate the roasting process, unlocking the beans’ full potential and preserving their inherent complexities. The aroma that fills your space upon opening the freshly roasted package is a prelude to the exceptional taste that awaits.

Discover the unique charm of Peru San Ignacio Fresh Roasted Coffee – a journey that celebrates the dedication of Peruvian farmers and offers you a cup of unrivaled quality and distinction. Immerse yourself in the flavors of the Andes with each aromatic sip.


Peru San Ignacio

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Ground for Drip, Ground for Espresso, Ground for French Press, Ground for Pour Over, Whole Bean


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